Go check out THE SOUND OF THE SUN on Cockatoo Island, 9.09.2010-4.10-2010, artist Eva Mueller. Featuring 8 sound and video installations, Mueller sets out to reveal the gaps in life, to make us stop, pause, and think even for the briefest moment.

‘A 3,4 x 3,4 m white panel is suspended from the ceiling with 324 white earphones hanging down. They constantly emit 38 different voices speaking the text ‘Bildbeschreibung’ (Description of a picture) by Heiner Müller in English and German. On the floor under the panel is a thin layer of sand which is covered with a thin white fabric. The room will be filled with a constant murmur and whisper, created by the leakage of the headphones. To fully discover and experience the textscape of ‘Bildbeschreibung’, people have to walk into the installation and pick up some headphones and listen…’

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