Review – The Sydney Underground Film Festival: The LSD Factory

The annual Sydney Underground Film Festival was held this weekend at the Factory theatre in Enmore. The collection I attended, entitled The LSD Factory, was an hour-and-a-half long showing of short films with the tagline “no need to take psychedelics to this session”. I don’t know what that is saying about every other session, although I don’t doubt that “Life Experiences” collection probably could’ve been improved with the application of some mind-bending hard drugs.

As you’d expect from an independent film festival the program was marked by small glimpses of genius embedded amoungst some very heavy-handed film-scratching, distorted audio, laboured metaphors and a nice big ol’ side salad of wank. Highlights include “flyscreen” (Richard Tuohy, 2010) a cerebral work which left my companion clawing at the screen and screaming “BAD TRIP! BAD TRIP”, and “Attack Decay Sustain Release” (Kevin Funk, 2009), a clever little vignette that was inexplicably left off the audience voting card at the end of the showing.

But then the lowlights.

-An audience member lougly declaring “that was so boring” at the end of a work (which was undeniably…lengthy) at which point everyone burst into laughter.

-It becoming apparent at the end of the showing that the director of said work was in the room and that the film had been about his experiences during the holocaust.

-The director of “House” (John Gillies, 2010), upon being asked what audience members were meant to take from the film, replying with “I just found all these amazing abandoned houses and thought it was incredible. Very filmic. So I made a film”. Um….yes.

All in all, it was a nice afternoon out, made worth it by the showing of the preview for “The Taint”, which appears to be one of the best films ever made. Unfortunately, said preview, which includes “ejaculating zombies”, is apparently too real for youtube, so you’ll have to survive with Vimeo.

THE TAINT – UNOFFICIAL TRAILER 2010 from stefan popescu on Vimeo.

I urge you to track this film down and watch it. Then give it to me, because I want to watch it too


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