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Disney, you fucked us up.

30 Dec

If, every morning, my every need were attended to by wild birds and a pack of domesticated rodents I’d definitely be considering a relocation. If not that, then at least my health and mental well-being. The likelihood of a small flock of birds drawing a bath for me is slim to none, and I definitely wouldn’t want to these days with cross-species Avian Flu transmissions surely imminent. But evidently this wasn’t a concern for Cinderella in her fairytale kingdom, circa 1950.

Good ol’ Walt Disney sure knew how weave a false dream for thousands of kids around the world. And somewhere within the messed-up mental machinations of these youth, this fantasy was somehow internalized, only to return in years to come as fetishes not so benign. Or so Freud’s idea of the uncanny goes. If those friendly forest creatures aren’t prepared to pamper you when you get up and strip down every morning, then why not put them to some better use? Continue reading


…is that?!

13 Sep

Oh yes it is. Gaga has done it again. To quell anymore rumours that she’s lacking (or packing) certain “bits”, Lady Gaga took to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in a number that gave a more-than-literal take on the euphemism “beef curtains”. Accepting one of the 8 awards she won that night from the one and only Cher, Gaga took the chance to offer the diva her meat purse. This costume reshuffle was a drastic change from the more sedate, but regal gown that Gaga arrived in. How she found the time to skin and fillet a calf whilst savouring the limelight remains a mystery.

In other news, Justin Bieber is rumoured to have privately thanked Gaga for the closest experience to the female sex he’s ever had. The meat dress was provocative, yet subtle in its approach. From now on, Bieber fans should prepare themselves for a more mature style of music.


Images thanks to smh, Rickey and temptalia.

Let’s begin…

8 Sep

…with something to set the records straight:

Playing with guns,

raiding the local costume store,

bringing bestiality back into the mainstream,

or eating your firstborn,

(it’s been done before)

Goya, 'Saturn Devouring His Son', oil mural trans. to canvas, 1819-23.

won’t make you FAMOUS.

Gaga: famous for having a hand in front of her face.

It takes a bit more effort,

Paula Deen: why America's fat

a bit more love,

Ulay & Marina Abramovic at MoMA contemplating the impracticality of the furniture layout, 2010.

but, most importantly, the art of bullshitting.

Damo Hirst

Being Andy Warhol helps, though.

Warhol by Avedon, 1969.


Images courtesy of Terry Richardson, The NYT and The Richard Avedon Foundation.
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